A new plaque location will be revealed weekly on the Keith Richards official Facebook and Twitter accounts, beginning Tuesday 18th August 2015.

Each plaque features a unique password that unlocks a new song from Keith Richards’ upcoming album ‘Crosseyed Heart’.

To be the first to unlock a song and listen to it before anyone else, follow these instructions:

  1. Check @officialkeef on Facebook and Twitter for the weeks’ plaque location.
  2. When standing at the plaque, go to (ensure location services are on) and tap ‘Start’.
  3. You’ll be told that you’ve found a new location at the bottom of your screen. Tap this notification.
  4. Enter the password on the plaque (for example ‘songname1’) and tap ‘Unlock’. You can now listen!
  5. Tap ‘Share’ to Tweet! Those who find and unlock a track first will receive a grand prize.

Each track can only be unlocked once. When a song is unlocked, everyone around the world will be able to listen here at

Four plaques bearing relevance to Keith Richards’ early life will be placed around London and South West England over four weeks.

Each plaque contains a password with the ability to unlock a new song from #CrosseyedHeart on this website.

Click 'Start' to begin.


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